How to Make a Blog Header with Pic Monkey

How to make a Blog Header using Pic Monkey!




Ok, so I felt like last weeks “How to Make a Blog Header” post was a bit much for the beginner… AND not everyone has Photoshop Elements as their disposal.  So, I decided to do another tutorial on how to make a blog header using Pic Monkey!  It’s easier and… are you ready for this???  Pic Monkey is a free photo editing platform available to anyone and everyone online.  Yes, that’s even you, who don’t even know how to put text on a picture.  While it is harder to use, Photoshop offers more options, etc.  That’s why I use both programs… but I do use  A LOT!  I will leave the other tutorial up for the more advanced ;)


Bloggin’ for “us” Blondies… Here we go!



bloggin for blondies official_edited-1




This is an example of how to make a blog header that is SUPER EASY and SIMPLE in design.  It’s just text… LESS IS MORE PEEPS!  BUT, if you wanted one of those cool headers that includes pictures, etc. you could totally do this with PicMonkey as well!


Creating a blog header with Pic Monkey is a total breeze!   Go to PicMonkey and click on “Make a collage.”



how to make a blog header using picmonkey



Since this is just for a background, all you want is a blank canvas with one picture option.  I always go to the “Ducks in a row option, pick the option with 2 pictures and just delete one of them.  After you have that up, you will want to just save this.  I always save as a .PNG file.



Now, you need to know what size header to create.  If you don’t know where to find this information and you have a wordpress blog, this is where to find it.  In your dashboard (wordpress), go to appearance, header:



how to make a blog header using picmonkey



This is where you will find your dimensions:



how to make a blog header using picmonkey




Once you have figured out what size you need, go back to PicMonkey and click on the option “edit a photo.”   Open up the blank background image you just created.

When it is opened, the first thing you will need to do is resize it to your appropriate header size.



how to make a blog header using picmonkey




After it is resized, go ahead and add a background if you want to.  PicMonkey has several to choose from, or you can upload your own!  I always get mine from ETSY  by searching for digital scrapbook paper, digital clipart, etc.

I have my background faded a LOT because I just want to give it a little something, but the possibilities are ENDLESS… like overwhelmingly endless.   I have been known to spend hours agonizing over something like this… ahem.



how to make a blog header using picmonkey




Then, I added my text.  I added a text box for “Mama” and a separate text box for “Whimsy.”  I changed the fonts and colors to make it all colorful and pretty!  And voila… there you have a new header!  Very Simple.



how to make a blog header using picmonkey





how to make a blog header using picmonkey






how to make a blog header using picmonkey




Once you have your header created, you need to install it.  So, in your WordPress dashboard, go to appearance, header, and then upload your header from your computer files. Click on Browse and choose your file and click upload.  Then, scroll down and click on save changes.  Your pretty little header should be glowing proudly at the top of your blog!


I think this “How to make a Blog Header with Pic Monkey” Tutorial  is way more user-friendly, quick and easy than the last tutorial… don’t you think?  Wink.  I’m all about making your lives simpler gals, I know that’s what I need!


Stay tuned for the next part of the Bloggin’ for Blondies: Blog Design Series next week!  If you’ve missed any past design tutorials, find them HERE! 

Go make your header pretty!


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  1. What a fun and informative post. I’m a huge pic monkey fan. I know how to use Photoshop but PicMonkey does some amazing things so simply that it saves me bunches of time. That said, I’ve not played much with collages. Thanks for the information!

    Stopping by from SITS. Happy Sharefest

    • I LOVE Pic Monkey! It is SO easy to work with with great, professional looking graphics in the end! Thank you for stopping by and saying hi :)

  2. Found you on the SITs girls sharefest and just in the midst of revamping my header! I had photoshop once upon a time and was using it at a beginners level, teaching myself as I went, but it was installed for me by a friend and sadly the computer crashed. SO I have been using to make all sorts of collages and such. I do love it , but Im interested to see what pic monkey can do! Thanks!!

    • Ooohh, I think you’re in for a treat! In my little ‘ol opinion, Pic Monkey is way better and just “cooler” thank pixlr! Thanks for stopping by ;)

      • Awesome!! I’ll take your word for it. I’m excited! Looks like that’s what I’ll be doing when the kiddo goes to bed tonight!

  3. By the way…I found you on SitsSharefest! :)

  4. Great article! I am a huge Picmonkey fan and use it DAILY for myself and my clients. I never though of making a blog header! Great idea!

    • I love it too! It just dawned on me one day while I was messing around in Photo Shop. Pic Monkey was just a faster solution for me :) Thanks for taking a look!

  5. Can’t wait to play around with Pic Monkey! Looks so much easier than finding fonts, downloading and playing in PS! It really does!

    • It really is! While I love to mess around like that in PS… I just can’t seem to get anything done in a timely manner unless I know exactly what I want to do! Pic Monkey makes it way less time consuming! Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. AMAZING tutorial! Heading to PicMonkey right now to create one. Thanks for the post! Stopping by from @SITSGirls XOXO

  7. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been wanting to do a logo and had no idea where to begin. I totally needed this. Thanks again!

  8. I love PicMonkey! Seriously, I cannot believe this tool is free! And, as you said, one of the easiest programs to use, I recommend it to all my blogger friends!

  9. I JUST started a new blog in July and still putting the finishing touches on it. I have been agonizing for DAYS trying to make my header pretty but a las, I don’t have the funds to hire a designer.

    This is seriously what is holding me up to start blogging! It’s the last thing I am trying to tweak.

    I did discover PicMonkey and I love it and wondered last weekend if I can use it to make a blog header-thank God I ran into this! Thanks so much!

    When you upload a blank canvas do you need to upload an image first? I was told a trick I could do is take a picture of a white background and upload it on Pic Monkey-is that necessary? Or will it create a blank background automatically via Pic Monkey? From what I took from the article, Pic Monkey lets you create backgrounds from a list of choices available too correct?

    Great tutorial!

  10. this is awesome- thank you so much! I’ve always wondered how to add text to a PicMonkey collage. I never pressed the edit button before. Anyway. THANK YOU!

  11. Thank you sooo much for this!!! I am super new to blogging and this totally just made my day!


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